8-Week Pro EDM Masterclass

OK! I've heard you speak, and this is the result: I'm working on an 8 to 10 week programme for serious producers. 

The goal? It's up to you!
1. Produce music every day for a living.
2. Hear your music on the radio / Spotify / Apple Music / Beatport, etc.
3. Tour the world.

What you'll have at the end:
The skills to achieve any or all of the above.
At least 1 finished track that far exceeds anything you've produced before, ready for submitting to any number of music platforms.

8 to 10  weeks of modules covering workflow, samples and sound design, using synths, composition and arrangement, processing chains, recording, mixing, mastering and marketing. Weekly homework, feedback, live group office hours and a 1 on 1 live Skype sessions. At the moment it looks like 5 hours a week will be the required time commitment.

Warning: This is not for complete newbies. I recommend you've been producing as a hobby for at least a year or two.

I'm in the planning stage of the content at the moment – the beta launch is planned for May 1st this year, and as an EDMtips Alumni, you are invited first.

All I'm looking for is an indicator of interest at the moment. This will be an investment of hundreds of hours of time for me, so I want to make sure it's actually wanted 🙂

If it sounds good to you, pop you name and email in below. It doesn't signify any commitment on your part...it just let's me know if it's an idea worth developing. Thanks! 🙂