Thanks! (and a small favour...)

THANK YOU for trusting me on this journey! 

I know it's a scary thing to invest in an online course, and I hope you've got many times the value of what you paid for it. 😛

Secondly (and here's the favour...), I'm building up a collection of videos, photos and testimonials from everyone who has studied and benefitted from this course, so I can display them proudly over on my website. 👏

It would really help me out it if you could do 1 of these 3 things:


1. Record a quick, 30 to 90 second informal video (doesn't have to be high quality – you can just use your phone) where you answer these questions:

  • Who are you? (feel free to mention your artist name if you like. I can link to your social media from the testimonial page if you want)
  • ​Why did you buy The Ultimate EDM Mixing course?
  • How did it help you? What results did you get?

Then just email it to with the video attached, or feel free to send a download link instead (e.g. from Google Drive, Drop Box or WeTransfer). Video is the best option if you can. 


2. If you can’t record a video (or you’re too shy!), but you’d still like to help out, simply snap a quick shot of you holding the case up by your face and email it to:

Like this...


3. If you are really, REALLY shy, even a short written testimonial would also be great 🙂 (Like this:)

If you could do one (or more!) of those 3 things for me, it would really help me out, and I'd super-appreciate it! 😃

(Video is the best format, if at all possible)

All the best, and thanks again!