Thanks! (and a small favour...)

THANK YOU for trusting me on this journey! 

I know it's a scary thing to invest in an online course, and I hope you've got many times the value of what you paid for it. 😛

Secondly (and here's the favour...), I'm building up a collection of videos, photos and testimonials from everyone who has studied and benefitted from this course, so I can display them proudly over on my website. 👏

It would really help me out it if you could do 1 of these 3 things:


1. Record a quick, 30 to 90 second informal video (doesn't have to be high quality – you can just use your phone) where you answer these questions:

  • Who are you? (feel free to mention your artist name if you like. I can link to your social media from the testimonial page if you want)
  • Why did you buy The Ultimate EDM Mixing course?
  • How did it help you? What results did you get?

Then just email it to with the video attached, or feel free to send a download link instead (e.g. from Google Drive, Drop Box or WeTransfer). Video is the best option if you can. 

Here's an example vid of one of my students (Oktavio) chatting about my "Music Theory for EDM Producers" course:


2. If you can’t record a video (or you’re too shy!), but you’d still like to help out, simply snap a quick shot of you holding the case up by your face and email it to:

Like this...


3. If you are really, REALLY shy, even a short written testimonial would also be great 🙂 (Like this:)

If you could do one (or more!) of those 3 things for me, it would really help me out, and I'd super-appreciate it! 😃

Just email it to with your video or photo attached, or feel free to send a download link instead (e.g. from Google DriveDrop Box or WeTransfer). Video is the best option if you can. 

All the best, and thanks again!