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Becoming a Music Making Machine


Have you ever wondered why some producers are able to consistently release great music, whilst others struggle to find the time and focus, spending hours on 8 bar loops without ever finishing a full track? I’ve been there countless times.

I’d have an idea for a track, make it into an 8-bar loop, and KNOW it could be a banger – if only I could just arrange it into a full tune. After looping it hundreds of times, tweaking the hi-hats or the bass sound for a couple of hours, I’d lose interest (or get too frustrated) and never finish it.

How many times have you spent 3, 4 or even 10 hours on a track before deciding to ditch it because it’s never going to work??

If you're anything like me, the answer is probably more than you'd like to admit!

The reason is, there are two fundamental issues facing us music producers:

1. Finding the time to make music when we all lead busy lives with other priorities.


2. Actually getting from the idea stage to fully-fledged tracks (before we get sick of them)!

For me, personally, the hardest part of producing was always actually finishing a track: Bringing it to that 100 % ready state where I could listen to it and confidently say to myself “That’s it. I love it. This is the best I can do with this track".

Coupled with a lack of time and energy because of a full-time job and social life, it meant I spent a LOT of time getting frustrated with my lack of progress and improvement.

However, once I learned the fundamentals in this book, I went from frustrated bedroom producer – annoyed at my lack of focus and progress – to producing and releasing music on labels within a surprisingly short space of time, as well as having music chart at the Miami Winter Music Conference, and DJing at The Ministry of Sound in London.

I learned how to make decisions quickly, pick the right samples, get music finished and – perhaps most importantly – when to leave it alone!

In "Becoming a Music Making Machine", you’ll learn how to:

  • Free up more time for producing music without negatively impacting the other important areas of your life (even if you have a full-time job, family and friends).
  • Get your ideas from 8 bar loops to complete tracks in the shortest possible time
  • Produce and finish music CONSISTENTLY, rather than just relying on your creative muse
  • Gain creative clarity
  • Rekindle your passion for creating music
  • Enjoy more energy, focus and satisfaction from your music production
  • Know when to leave stuff alone and ditch sounds/ideas/techniques that aren’t working
  • Actually finish your music and get it into the world!

This book covers:

  • Finding your musical direction
  • Finding the time to make music
  • Carving out time in a busy schedule
  • How to set music goals (properly)
  • A tried and tested workflow for efficiently getting music made, improved and finished.

What you’ll get:

  1. A tried and tested approach to consistently produce the best music you can
  2. An eBook with 88 pages packed with actionable strategies
  3. Free updates for life

This book provides a solid foundation on which to continuously produce more (and better) music. There are thousands of tutorials and courses out there for techniques on sound design, mixing, composition, etc, –  and a lot of them are great – but if we don’t have time to implement them into our OWN music, or know how to get tracks finished, we're selling ourselves short.

You can grab your copy of the book for only $17 by clicking the link below, and – as always – let me know how you get on! If you don’t like it for whatever reason, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll issue a full refund…the last thing I want is to sell something you don’t find useful (although I’m confident you will)!

Thanks, and happy producing!
Will Darling

Escape the loop, finish tracks, and release music.

Become a Music Making Machine.

($27 One-Time Payment)