Would you like to know how to build killer chords, progressions, melodies, rhythms, bass lines & arrangements in ANY genre of EDM - in 7 days?

Let me show you...


How do you think Martin Garrix, KSHMR, Diplo, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris create chart-topping EDM?

Do they cobble together a bunch of Cymatics and Splice loops and call it a hit?

Hell, no!

Of course, they use samples – BUT… they also craft the MUSICAL elements from the ground up.

And this is the key...they don't just use loops and samples:

The best producers write their own original chord progressions, melodies, bass lines and beats!

It’s how they are able to create their distinctive hooks. 

The hooks that keep the DJs spinning their tunes and the listeners buying their records (A.K.A The HOLY GRAIL!).

It’s simply the ONLY WAY to stand out from the sea of music being produced and released every day.

So how do they do they learn these skills?

Drum roll, please! DDDDdddddddrrrrr…..


By knowing some Music Theory!

I know, I know…it doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s completely true.

One of the biggest mistakes producers make is by ignoring music theory and focussing only what is seen as “cool” (e.g. sound design and mixing).


By knowing some essential rules of how music works, you position yourself in the top league. You are then able to:

1. Stand out from the sea of carbon-copy music created from the same sample loop packs.

2. Write original chords, melodies and bass lines, and have them work perfectly with your spine-tingling chord progressions.

3. Quickly solve the inevitable problems that arise in the music production process.

4. Work quickly and with confidence, therefore finishing more (and better) music.

5. Dissect ANY tracks by your favourite producers and know exactly how (and why) they've done what they've done.

And that's just scratching the surface...

So...if it's so important, why don't more music producers learn music theory?

Well, there are 2 main reasons:

1. They simply don't know how powerful it is. Yes, you can create music without it (same as you can cook without a recipe book), but it's a lot harder, takes a lot longer, and you might not be happy with the results.

2. They think it's boring, and would rather do the "fun" stuff (like sound design, or, more likely...posting pics of their "studio" on Facebook!).

And that has always been the problem... up until today.

Even the words “Music theory” often conjure up boring images of dusty old piano teachers, and boring textbooks.

But it really doesn’t have to be like that. In fact...

That’s exactly why I created
“Music Theory for EDM Producers”

It's a tailor-made flagship video and resource course designed specifically for EDM producers, and it makes all that boring stuff a thing of the past, which brings me to my exclusive offer to you…

(Remember, you’re only ever going to see this offer once. If you close this page, it’s gone forever)​​​​


If you upgrade your order now, I’m going to give you access to my flagship course “Music Theory for EDM Producers”.

It shows you exactly how to build killer chords, chord progressions, melodies, rhythms, bass lines & arrangements that will make your music stand out above the rest.


If you upgrade today I’m also going to include 3 x Exclusive Bonuses!

This is my way of rewarding action-takers who are truly up for becoming great EDM producers, so if that sounds like you, read on…

First, let me tell you how this course is going to help you, then I’ll show you exactly what you’re going to get when you add this to your order...

"Music Theory for EDM Producers" was built from the ground up specifically to teach EDM producers EVERYTHING you need to know about music theory – in as easy and quick a way as possible – with none of the fluff you don't need to know.

It’s all tailored for use within your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and it works for ANY genre of EDM. You don't need any prior musical experience. I take you step-by-step through the whole process.

With "Music Theory for EDM Producers" in just 7 days you’ll know:

  • How to build ANY chord in existence from scratch (and how to tease your listeners' into a frenzy) - with no previous musical experience
  • How to weave these chords perfectly into EPIC progressions (FOR ANY GENRE, AND IN ANY KEY)
  • How to write your own melodies and bass lines (and have them work perfectly with your chord progressions)

You'll ALSO learn:

  • How to program killer drums in ANY genre of electronic dance music (Future bass, Trap, Progressive House, Trance, Drum ’n’ Bass, Big Room EDM, etc.)
  • The essential secrets of every hit dance track.
  • check
    Advanced chord-building techniques to avoid sounding the same as everyone else.
  • The “secret” key of dance music that gives you most chance of success.
  • check
    How to build your 4 or 8 bar loop into a full, seamless track - THAT'S PROVEN TO IGNITE THE DANCE FLOOR.

What you’ll get in this package:

  • Lifetime access to “Music Theory for EDM Producers”
  • 50 x High Quality Video Lessons
  • 4 x Fun, actionable exercises at the end of each module to help you lock-in the knowledge for life
  • check
    Downloadable professionally recorded audio stems
  • check
    Tried & tested song-writing strategies to consistently produce the best music you can
  • check
    Downloadable cheatsheets & worksheets
  • check
    Free updates for life

But don't take my word for it. Here are just a few words from some of the hundreds of students that have taken “Music Theory for EDM Producers"...

Actionable techniques


This course provided me invaluable lessons on the key aspects of putting together a song. It gave me actionable techniques to improve my drum programming, melody / harmony writing, and chord progression construction - and most importantly, it taught me how to put them all together to make an interesting idea and turn it into a full song!

Neel Erickson - Music Producer, LA, US

Just what I needed!


Just what I needed! The combination of graded topics from complete beginner to arranging complete songs using step-by step guides and video has inspired me to complete a number of 'stuck' projects and start work on new stuff with renewed confidence. Your enthusiasm and willingness to respond personally to student queries was especially appreciated. Thanks again and looking forward to your mixing course!

Tony Lacy - Sheffield, UK

This course definitely has been a big help


Will is a fantastic teacher and really goes into detail where it's needed but doesn't spend so long in the weeds that it drags on. This course definitely has been a big help to my knowledge of production and how to be a better producer overall.

Sean Little - Chicago, US

Now, if that wasn’t enough I’m going to send you 3 x Fast-Action Bonuses, too, BUT ONLY if you upgrade your order right now before you leave this page.




For instant use, grab any chord you’ll ever need, then mix & match to create incredible chord progressions. Simply choose the key of your track, and drag the MIDI files into your session. This sells on the front page of my website for $47. When you upgrade today you get it completely FREE!


BONUS #2: 2 x Behind the Scenes Mix Sessions ($47 Value)

Ever wondered what a professional mix session looks like? Here are TWO behind the scenes Ableton Live mix sessions of professionally released music - all using the Ableton Live stock plugins! Including 2 x Ableton sessions, 24 bit downloadable audio stems, and 2 x mastered tracks.


BONUS #3: Layering Masterclass 
($17 Value)

One of the most important parts of music production is learning how to layer different sounds together to create the sound you have in your head. This video lesson gives you some pro-insights into how to do it properly. Yours for free if you upgrade today.


So how much does this deal cost?

Typically the Music Theory for EDM Producers course sells on the front page of our website at $147.

But if you upgrade right now, not only am I knocking 68% off the asking price, I’m also throwing in:

>> The Ultimate Chord MIDI Pack ($47 Value)

>> 2 x Behind-the-scenes mix sessions ($47 Value)

>> The Layering Masterclass ($17 Value)

So, including the bonuses that’s a combined total value of $258, and for today only you can get it for just…

1 x payment of ($258) $47

That’s an offer and price I guarantee you will never see again, so it’s now or never!

To upgrade your order and gain instant access to all these tools and trainings, just click on the button below right now.

(There are no additional forms to fill out as you’re still within the secure registration area).

All you need to do is click the button, it’ll be automatically added to your order, and you’ll get instant access on the other side.

Just to be clear, if you do the work in this course, you will see your skills and understanding of EDM production skyrocket immediately.

I absolutely, positively guarantee it. Literally.

If – for any reason – you DON’T like this course and seriously improve your skills, let me know within 60 days, and I’ll happily refund you, no questions asked!

I know some people will take advantage of that and ask for a refund whatever their results, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay to make sure my students are satisfied.

So, you can literally start improving within the hour – with zero financial risk – AND get the 3 x bonuses for free.

Click the button below for instant access to this deal.

Well worth the money!


Well worth the money! Having joined a number of courses already, it looks like this is the one getting me started for real. If you’re looking for an EDM course (that ISN’T just a guy showing what he can do himself), look no further. Will takes you through in a great and intuitive way, and the short videos (but plenty of them) got me started right away. I also enjoy the fact that Will adds more content all the time, and actually answers your questions!

Bjarne Maschoreck - Denmark

My passion is re-ignited


Just wanted to say AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I've been producing on and off for years, and the thought of learning music theory bored me to death. This course quickly taught me some bang-on fundamentals, and my productions make so much more sense now. My passion is re-ignited. Thanks, man!

Tom Williams - Southampton, UK


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