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You've taken steps that few people ever bother to do, and invested in your future as an EDM producer. Great work! :D

BUT... before you dive into the excellent course you've just bought  which is going to help you start producing more music than ever before – I want to offer you something - today only - and I think you'll love it.

Do you ever find your music still sounds thin, muddy, weak or "quieter" than those your hear on the radio or in the club?

This – as I'm sure you're aware – is largely due to the mixing stage.

This is the biggest subject when it comes to music production, and the one that most people struggle with. 

After all, it's what gets your music actually sounding like the tracks you hear on the radio, or in club or at the festival.

You know the ones: Loud, clear, punchy and wide mixes that 'pop' out of the speakers.

Now mixing is a complex skill that can take years to master.

In fact, it's taken me 20 years and I'm still learning!

However, in my time of producing professional, Grammy short-listed dance music and Beatport / Juno and Trackitdown chart-topping tracks, I've learned a few important things about creating a loud, punchy, clear mix.

SO....I put everything I've learned into a step-by-step, in-depth video course that can take a complete beginner to a proficient mixer in just 4 weeks, and that's what I want to show you today.

Yeah, I know. Sounds far-fetched...but hear me out and you'll see I mean exactly what I say.

Consider it usually takes people years to get to this level, and you have the opportunity to sidetrack a LOT of headaches and get there in 4 weeks.

Introducing "The Ultimate EDM Mixing Course".

If your mixes are weak, thin, quiet or muddy, THIS COURSE was literally made with you in mind, and will solve your mixing problems.

By the end of The Ultimate EDM Mixing Course you'll know how to:

  • Create professional-sounding mixes with just a laptop and headphones
  • Achieve extreme loudness but maintain clarity
  • Get your drops hitting harder than ever before
  • “De-mud” your mixes and improve clarity
  • Use compression, saturation and EQ properly
  • Mix as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Determine why your mix sounds “amateur” – then fix it!

It includes 8 modules, over 6 hours of video lessons, plenty of quick-win exercises, downloadable audio stems and much more.

This is no-doubt the biggest and best course I've ever made.

It basically shows you how to create world-class Electronic Dance Music - with the equipment you already own - from your home.

Bold claim? Check out what some of my previous students have to say about The Ultimate EDM Mixing Course:

Great course, and the class support is excellent


This course has been nothing short of amazing! The lessons have really helped to clarify the tools you need to create a great mix every time. And now I have the knowledge that when I hear something's not quite right in the mix, I know where to go to fix it and how to do it the proper way to ensure clarity and substance prevail. Great course! Highly recommend! And the class support is excellent as well. Thanks, Will! Cheers!

Paul Minnich - Toronto, Canada

Worth every penny


Worth every penny. I wish this existed when I started out. If you want to take your mixdowns to the next level in the shortest amount of time possible, look no further. Absolutely recommended.

Dennis Rosenzweig - NY, US

My mixes are much louder and a lot less muddy


My mixes have quickly improved and are sounding much louder and a lot less muddy. The diagram and explanations concerning the concept of the 4D mixing space are worth the price of the course alone. Awesome job and I will definitely be recommending this course to my fellow music producers!

Dan Roy - Winnipeg, Canada

The information and tips are priceless


This course is so awesome, it really covers everything I need to know about mixing, I went through all the videos at once, it's so interesting...I could not stop! The information and tips are really lifts the curtain. Thank you so much, and well done. You Rock!!

Eugenio Martinez - Professional Musician, Spain



Amazing. I've been around the block of articles, classes, and even textbooks dedicated to mixing, and this course has undoubtedly provided me the with the quickest and most noticeable improvements to my mixes to date. Will explains everything from the basics to advanced content in a clear and easy-to-understand way, enhancing the experience with examples every step of the way. I would strongly recommend this course to any electronic music producer looking to up their mixing game.

Neel Erickson - Music Producer, LA, US

Absolutely Brilliant!


Absolutely Brilliant! Crystal clear, to the point, with absolute zero fluff. I had never been moved by any of my own original music until I finished this course. Do yourself a favour. Don’t buy that expensive synth, or expensive plug-ins promising "Better" sound. Spend that money on this course! Having great tools is useless if you don’t know how use them properly.

Alberto Hilsaca - Spain

Taken my skills to a whole other level


Everything that I needed to know in a well-developed course with short, informative and engaging videos. It’s taken my skills to a whole other level! I use FL Studio 12 and have been able to follow along every step of the way. If you're looking for an introductory into the full explanation of mixing, look no further.

Anthony Hagans - Denver, US

Clarity & Loudness


Since I started this course I've noticed a clear improvement in my mixes, especially in clarity and loudness. It’s made me realise that the core principles to obtain really good results are much easier than I use to believe!

Emanuele Millozzi - Music Producer & DJ, Italy

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It comes with my bullet-proof 60 day money-back guarantee. If you honestly don't find it's for you, shoot me an email letting me know, and I'll happily refund every penny!

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