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Premium Courses

*NEW* Start-to-Finish | Future House

Go from a blank project in your DAW, to a fully finished, mixed and mastered track ready for release! I take you through every step of the process - it's like being in the studio together!

Becoming a Music Making Machine

Sick of listening to the same 4-bar loop over and over? Get more music finished - and released - than ever before! Workflow tips for electronic dance music producers.

​Music Theory for EDM Producers

Learn how to write killer chords, melodies, rhythms, bass lines in ANY genre of electronic dance music, and craft original tracks without the boring bits!

the ultimate edm mixing course
The Ultimate EDM Mixing Course

Tired of thin, muddy or quiet mixes? Learn the secrets of getting maximum punch and volume in your tracks! Get to grips with EDM mixing techniques.

Educational Discounts

Our courses come bundled with educational discounts of up to 30% from recommended software and plugin manufacturers, helping you get more results for less. Click here to see the current list of discounts available to you.