About - EDM Tips

Hey guys, my name’s Will Darling, and I’m the founder of EDMtips.will-darling-edmtips-blog-profile-photo-reverse

EDMtips is all about making better music, and doing what you love (successfully).

Have you ever asked yourself?

1. “How can I get my mixes sounding loud and punchy?”

2. “How can I find the time to produce when I’ve got so many other responsibilities?”

3. “How can I actually FINISH my tracks!?”

4. “How can I develop my own unique style?”

5. “How can I get people to listen to my music when there’s so much out there?”

6. “Can I actually make money from my music? If so…how!?”

Well, instead of digging through hundreds of magazines and websites, or spending hundreds (or thousands) on expensive music production schools, subscribe to EDMtips (it’s free) and you’ll get proven tips, tricks, techniques and strategies each week, delivered straight to your inbox.

The best thing is, I’ll cut through the info that’s irrelevant, and provide ACTIONABLE TIPS that you can start benefitting from TODAY!

I’ve been writing dance music for over twenty years, have had many releases (under various names) and have DJed all over the world (including at The Ministry of Sound in London). I want to share what I’ve learned to help you get as good as you want to be!

Cheers, and happy producing!