14 Tips For Mixing In A Bedroom Studio

Mixing in a bedroom studio (or any home studio) can be tricky, but there are plenty of steps we can take to help us create professional sounding tracks.

This is a guest post from Luke Prosser (founder of LearnMusicTech.com) – and he has shared his 14 top tips for making sure you’re getting the best from your bedroom studio….

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Getting Music Finished

The two biggest problems with making EDM:

1. Finding the time to make music, and

2. Getting music finished.

Weirdly enough, these are two of the most common production issues people ask me about, so how do we find the time to make music, and – once we have – how do we actually finish the tracks we start?

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The Chainsmokers Production Secrets
The Chainsmokers Production Secrets – “Closer (ft. Halsey)”

The ChainsmokersCloser (featuring Halsey)” was undeniably one of the biggest smash hits of 2016. It’s infectious melody and catchy groove works in clubs, in festivals, and on the radio, but what makes it so damn effective?…

Below is a detailed track analysis for you guys to get some exclusive insights into how “Closer” was made. If you want to learn some of The Chainsmokers production secrets, read on…

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edm chord progressions
EDM Chord Progressions (…and how to make them)

This week is a video (rather than a post) about EDM chord progressions, how they work, and how you can use them in your tracks.

You can check out the video here, and download the chord progression cheat sheet (that compliments the video) below:

(You should receive an email with the download link. If you don’t within 10 minutes, check your spam folder)

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gain staging
Gain Staging – Better Mixes in 5 Minutes

Although it doesn’t sound like the most exciting topic, “gain staging” is one of the most overlooked, simple, and SUPER-IMPORTANT concepts of getting the best from your mix…

Once understood and implemented, it can take your mixes to the next level, giving them more clarity, punch and loudness.

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The Circle of Fifths Header Image - EMDtips.com
The Circle of Fifths (and how to use it…)

It might sound like an ancient brotherhood of knights, but the “Circle of Fifths” is actually a really useful tool in music composition. If you want to quickly find which chords work together, or which notes to use, this little circular diagram can be your best friend…

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Writing Melodies in Your DAW
How to Write a Melody in Your DAW

What makes a great track stand out? Well, it’s a combination of many different elements, but one of the most important is the melody. Why? Because this is what people remember, hum, or sing. It doesn’t matter whether there is a vocal or not….a decent melody will bring your song to life. In this post we’ll look at what makes a good melody, and how to write one in your DAW…

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creative myths
4 Myths About Creativity (And How To Overcome Them)

It doesn’t matter whether we make music, paint, write, sing, dance, act or take part in any other creative pursuit…we get stuck more often (and in more ways) than we like to admit! There are 4 popular creative myths that – once dispelled – can be overcome with a few mental hacks…

Personally, one of my biggest issues in the past has been trying to find the time to make music. I mean, some of the songs I’ve worked on have ended up taking over 40 hours…that’s a whole working week! It causes a horrible nauseous feeling in my belly, where I think I don’t have enough time in my life to make music – especially when I factor in everything else (day job, girlfriend, friends, family, exercise, sleep, etc.) – so I try not making music, then end up feeling like I’m not expressing myself creatively – and get depressed!

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How to use keys in music production
Make Better EDM Using Keys And Scales

Imagine you could take any melody in your head, quickly translate it into your D.A.W (Digital Audio Workstation), then work out which chords, harmonies and bass notes will work with it and sound great. Having a basic knowledge of keys and scales (and how to use them) will allow you do to this.

If you know in which key you’re producing a song, you can use the notes you KNOW will sound good – without having to hit-and-miss it in the piano roll editor.

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5 Quick Tips For Making Your Productions Sound More Professional
5 Quick Tips For Making Your EDM Sound More Professional

Whilst there are so many things to learn in the music production journey (and the journey never ends), applying any one of these 5 quick & easy tips will instantly take your EDM productions to the next level. Give them a try and let me know how you get on in the comments section!

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